Shark & Surf

You have to balance on the surf or the shark is ready to swallow you!..

Stunning furious shark image on the top and glowing lights along both sides ,moving models of live sharks... Shark&Surf is a 100% sports game based on players keeping the ball at the slope in the center of the surfboard. It features a classic digital platform that displays points and time..

When you throw the coin the barrier releases the ball, the ball is moved above the surfboard by the lift at the back. Now, you have to stay in balance to fight the shark. To stay balanced, you must succeed in at least one of the two rights. That's enough to beat the furious shark and buy gift tickets!.. Shark&Surf will give you an exciting and entertaining gaming experience! Come on, jump on your surfboards!..

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Owl’s Eyes

Something is following you with its eyes, would you like to catch it?


1 or 2 players throw balls at mechanical Minions, the more you knock down Minions, the more tickets you earn!

Electronic Darts

It is designed according to the standards of the World Darts Federation.

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You Can Do It, My Love

A little courage, a little motivation, but the most proportional use of speed, strength and balance. It's so hard but "You can do it, my love!"

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Movable Airsoft Polygon

No matter how master you are, just want to try this excitement! .. You can be more master than masters! For the most realistic design and installation Pi Game It will accompany you in your excitement and unique experience.

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