Owl’s Eyes

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1980s favorite game with a new design, a new aesthetic and the latest trend in the world.

With the Ticket redemption game system, Owl's Eyes has come to life again for you.

It is produced and delivered within 10 days.

Powered by the laws of physics and the composition of hand, arm coordination, this extraordinary skill game is equipped with amber light and illuminated joystick. Green-light LEDs were used on the cabin sides to suit the design. The game is based on the ability to put the ball in the holes whose light is lit by moving up and down the ball on the balance bar. The game has 10 stages. Each step will save you from the chase of the eyes and lead you to victory.

If you don't want to be captive to the threatening eyes of owls, you have to catch those eyes one by one!.. Rest assured, it's not easy to cross 10 tiers with three rights! But if you pass, the greatest gift is yours!..